Making your own face masks! Part 1

Hi guys welcome back to the blog! Now in the interest of transparency, I will tell you right now that these recipes are not mine. To be honest I just did a Google search and I believe these come from the Elle website, which I have linked.

I’ve always wanted to make my own face masks because I use so many of them and I’m trying to use cruelty free, waste free and natural ingredients as much as I can. With that in mind making my own face mask seems like the natural thing to do.

Without further ado let’s launch into the first mask that I made. According to the Elle website, this face mask is meant to even out skin tone and it only has three ingredients, making it super value for money!

    • Turmeric Powder
      Natural Yogurt

    Now, I won’t launch into the benefits as I’d just be copying the Elle website which seems pointless. However, before I began I could see why this would work for uneven skintone as the turmeric powder has a reddy orange tinge.

    It isn’t the nicest smelling mask but you could probably overcome this with the addition of some essential oils. This dried down like a normal mask does and within a similar time frame. When you begin to remove this, you really do need a flannel as some of the red colour stays on your skin.

    Initially I was afraid that I would look like an oompah looming 😂 so my advice to you is to use a good facial scrub afterwards just to ensure that it’s all off!

    My skin felt noticeably smoother and softer after use and even today, the morning after, it still feels nice! I feel it has brightened my skin tone slightly too. I’ll making and testing more of these but if you’re eager to try some, check out the Elle website!

    Credit for recipes: Elle Magazine

    Let me know if you try them and how they work for you!

    Kat xx

    Our Night at The Vamps, Bonus Area – Prince’s Quay Prizewinners!

    Oh my days! I apologise because I am so far behind on writing my blog posts.

    I was lucky enough to win an Instagram competition with Prince’s Quay to see The Vamps play at the Bonus arena in Hull. However this fell on an extremely busy day. First of all, I had been working all day and I looked horrific. This was also the day that the new Boots superstore launched in Hull and the HEY Bloggers had invited local bloggers to visit the store, speak to the beauty manager and get a feel for our newest acquisition. As a beauty blogger, this was definitely my forte!

    I won two tickets so I took the beautiful Jenny with me. We visited Boots first, got made over and then we had a cheeky Nando’s too. I really know how to treat my women 😂

    The first thing that we noticed when we got to the bonus arena was just how high up we were. As these tickets were complimentary we certainly couldn’t complain. However, it was a little bit higher than we would have personally liked as neither of us are particularly fond of heights. This became particularly evident when we wanted to dance and found ourselves clinging on to each other! In saying that, the view was absolutely outstanding!

    The Vamps were also excellent, although I felt positively middle aged compared to most there! There were a vast array of dads taking one for the team so kudos to them!

    I didn’t get a great deal of pictures as my phone died!

    Overall a super nights entertainment with a good pal, courtesy of PQ! Thanks so much PQ! 🙂

    Kat x

    Hull’s Boots Superstore Opening -15th May

    So this has been a long time coming but I’ve been so busy so I really do apologise. Saying that, good things really do come to those who wait so… you’re welcome!

    On Wednesday 15th May, I was lucky enough to be able to attend the opening of our brand new Boots superstore in association with the HEY bloggers team, who had teamed up with the beauty team at Boots so that we would get a hands on tour, a chance to explore and for us to understand the new concept and insight that Boots have for their Hull store.

    Firstly, I met with the beauty manager Alicia, who was absolutely wonderful throughout and even provided us bloggers with a free goodie bag, but more on that later! Alicia took the time to show us around the exciting new areas that had come to Boots, including Benefit, Fenty Beauty and Smashbox! Some exciting skincare brands had also reached Boots such as Ole Henriksen, Liz Earle and Maskd!

    The new concept explained simply is this. Alicia and the Hull team want the store to be a friendly playground where people don’t feel abolished to have to purchase something, in the way that might feel in a department store beauty hall. Everyone here has the same vision- make each person feel valued and show them what the store has to offer.

    In addition, there are beauty consultants that work directly for the brands but also beauty advisors, employed by Boots and not affiliated with any brand. Their job is to facilitate the experimentation process for the customer and advise on things such as shade, application and other products to compliment it. This is such a cool and pivotal role in the store as it allows customers to really get a hands on experience and feel confident that their purchase is the right choice!

    I checked out the skincare first as I’m really into my skincare products at the moment! Andrew from Clinique talked to me about some of the new products and advances that are coming to the Clinique counter. He was sworn to secrecy but keep your eyes peeled! In other skincare news, Pixi and YesTo are also available which made my day!

    We were so lucky because during our exploration time, I spent some time at the Benefit counter with a lovely girl called Larissa (I really hope I spelled your name correctly!) I was on a life long search for the best brow product and in all honesty, I had avoided Benefit as they are not a cruelty free brand. In saying this, the Benefit brow products are so widely recommended, that I let Larissa show me what they could do. I really wanted a natural looking brow and honestly, Larissa showed me how to use the products and explained how to achieve the best shape and I was sold!

    Due to the launch, Mark Hill hair were in store and they fixed my hair to perfection, ready for the Vamps gig I was attending later on. They used a Wicked Waver styling tool and I was sold on that too!

    Then, I popped on over to the self service make up areas – this contained brands such as Make Up Obsession, Bourjois, Rimmel, NYX, Max Factor but to name a few. I had heard such amazing things about Make Up Obsession so I just had to try out their mega concealer. Heads up, IMO, EVEN BETTER THAN SHAPE TAPE. Finally, I headed over to the Fenty Beauty counter! As I did not know anything about the brand, I played safe and bought a Fenty Glow highlight and Fenty Bomb Gloss.

    So long story short, our new Boots is awesome and contains loads of amazing brands which we’ve never been lucky enough to have in Hull before! It’s a one stop shop for everything you need! Thank you so much to the HEY bloggers for the opportunity and to Alicia and the Boots team for making us feel so welcome. Finally, a beauty facility to be proud of in Hull. We are definitely worth it. X

    Kat x

    Sustainable Fashion For All: Rock on Ruby and Inclusivity!

    Ahoy pals! It’s been a while but I come to you with a post that I have been dying to write and in the interest of full disclosure, the item featured was gifted to me (I’ll explain how throughout the post) but it’s not a sponsored post at all.

    The lovely Holly at Rock on Ruby models a lot of their stock and so she should, she’s absolutely gorgeous! However, one day she made an appeal for some of their 26k followers to comment on a post suggesting how they would style their new tee. Complete with a woman motif and the slogan I don’t need validation. I was super excited to make some suggestions about how it should look but thought nothing of it as lots of people had commented. I think from what I remember Holly was looking for people with varying body types. ❤️

    Imagine my surprise when I received a DM saying I’d won and would be receive if one of these amazing tees free of charge! The catch? Take some pictures in the shirt and share them with ROR to use on their socials and blogs! Not much of a catch to me as I’d have done all of that anyway! 🙂

    The lovely Jenny, one of the cofounders of HEY Bloggers and blogger extraordinaire kindly agreed to assist me in taking some pictures to display all types of awesome and below I’ve shared some of my favourite shots with you. This shoot was so much fun, a little chilly but it’s definitely helped my confidence levels to soar.

    Message to Holly: Thank you so much for the opportunity and I’ll be forever grateful ❤️ I’d definitely like to be involved in something like this again if the chance ever presents itself.

    Anyways, you really must check out Rock on Ruby for unique and quirky clothing and accessories. There is something for every occasion 😍

    If you buy anything, you could use the code KEEPITSASSY for 10% (God I hope that’s the right code 😂)

    Kat XX

    HEY Bloggers x Hobbycraft Decopatch Event

    For those of you not in the know, HEY Bloggers is a group of girls who are all bloggers themselves, who have developed a blogging community in the Hull and East Riding area. They support bloggers through their social media and also through events and meet ups!

    When this event was advertised, I had to take part as it’s so different to anything I usually do and it’s a networking and relationship making opportunity. It also seemed like the perfect way to end my school holidays!

    A group of bloggers arrived and we were assisted and welcomed by Louise and Rich from Hobbycraft Hull. A massive thank you to them both – nothing was too much trouble for them and they made us feel really welcome!

    In our goody bags, there was a guide to teach us how to decopatch and we were provided with a variety of papers, gems, paints etc to create our masterpieces. We had a laugh talking about music and just putting the world to rights. It was massively relaxed and I think that’s important especially if any new bloggers came to the event.

    There was something cathartic about making these lamp bases and honestly, it makes me excited to see what else Hobbycraft have to offer in terms of workshops! I chose a cute apple print that reminded me of a Cath Kidston style print! This is during the drying process so it looks better now, promise!

    I think it’s fair to say we were all happy with what we created and it was definitely obvious that we have some creative minds and artists amongst us (Jenny and Emma, I’m looking at you!)

    Finally, thanks to the HEY blogger girls for organising this. It’s always great when the blogging community meets and this was so different to usual events! The people who attended are all awesome, brilliant women and I’ll link their insta profiles below because, why wouldn’t you want to follow them?

    Local Bloggers You Need to Follow

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    Hollie (Thrifty Mum) – Click Here

    Until next time! Kat xx