NYX Eyebrow Gel and Duo Brow Brush

Eyebrows! Is there anything more upsetting or frustrating when you’re doing your make up? This is the one area of beauty that can either make or break your look! I have horrid eyebrows although everyone who’s ever waxed them says they’re nice. Maybe it’s just me who doesn’t know what to do with them! That […]

Models Own Full Moon Eye Palette

Hands up if you’ve heard of Models Own! 🙌 I had obviously heard of them before this blog but only for the nail polishes they made! One day, I was trekking around TK Maxx when I came across a selection of Models Own Palettes. In all honesty, I wasn’t enamoured with the packaging so I’m […]

Back for Good

As the old Take That song goes… back for good! I’ll be getting back on the blogging train. I’ve been off of it for a while now due to personal issues. Moving forward, I really need to do more of what I love and this IS what I love! So, watch this space! 🙂 In […]