W7 Absolute Lashes 

Hi guys! I’d battled for a few weeks to decide on whether on not I would review this. In all honesty, my first impressions of this product were not good. In saying that, this product was ridiculously cheap! I got mine from Amazon as online beauty bloggers had suggested that this product is a good […]

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeliner Pen 

Straight to the point. I HATE IT. Strong words? You might think so but I hate wasting money and although this is drugstore make up and it is cheap, I expect it to be a little decent. Maybe this impression comes from the fact I have used the Poundland  £1 liquid eyeliner for years as […]

Limecrime Salem Velvetines 

My first high end liquid to matte liquid and I was more surprised than anything! These are totally not what you expect at all.   For starters, the formula! I don’t know why but I was totally expecting a gloss. When I got a seemingly watery brown liquid, I was less than impressed! This is […]

W7 Glowcomotion 😍

As a northerner, it’s probably fair to say I’m a bit tight with my money! 😂 so imagine my delight when I find a good dupe for a high end product.   Enter W7. As a brand, they’ve been  around for some time but I’d just disregarded them as a cheap and nasty brand! Naughty […]