I’ll be back soon!

Hi Guys! Just a quick post to say Merry Christmas! I haven’t forgotten about the blog; I have not been so well over the festive period and therefore haven’t written much. I’ll be doing a NYE make up/outfit post in the very near future! Now back to coughing haha! xbiggirlx

13 Before 30!

Hi again, You’re probably thinking to yourself, not another post where someone says how the new year will change them and how they will make new years resolutions. I don’t make resolutions to be honest. My birthday is new years day and the celebrations can often extend into the month.  This post was inspired by…

The Nail Painting Nuisance! 

Oh my days! One of those things I just despise is painting my toenails or putting on strappy shoes.  Boobs and tummy just get right in the way! I thought I had come up with a solution.  I called on the services of the HUSBAND.  Luckily it was just a glittery topcoat but my word,…

The Christmas Party Conundrum! 

So, regardless of size, the search for the perfect Christmas party outfit is something most women and some men face annually. Some women start searching for that ideal outfit in September, but if like me, your work schedule doesn’t allow for anything other than eating, sleeping, working and repeating then it’s a last minute decision….