Sustainable Fashion For All: Rock on Ruby and Inclusivity!

Ahoy pals! It’s been a while but I come to you with a post that I have been dying to write and in the interest of full disclosure, the item featured was gifted to me (I’ll explain how throughout the post) but it’s not a sponsored post at all.

The lovely Holly at Rock on Ruby models a lot of their stock and so she should, she’s absolutely gorgeous! However, one day she made an appeal for some of their 26k followers to comment on a post suggesting how they would style their new tee. Complete with a woman motif and the slogan I don’t need validation. I was super excited to make some suggestions about how it should look but thought nothing of it as lots of people had commented. I think from what I remember Holly was looking for people with varying body types. ❤️

Imagine my surprise when I received a DM saying I’d won and would be receive if one of these amazing tees free of charge! The catch? Take some pictures in the shirt and share them with ROR to use on their socials and blogs! Not much of a catch to me as I’d have done all of that anyway! 🙂

The lovely Jenny, one of the cofounders of HEY Bloggers and blogger extraordinaire kindly agreed to assist me in taking some pictures to display all types of awesome and below I’ve shared some of my favourite shots with you. This shoot was so much fun, a little chilly but it’s definitely helped my confidence levels to soar.

Message to Holly: Thank you so much for the opportunity and I’ll be forever grateful ❤️ I’d definitely like to be involved in something like this again if the chance ever presents itself.

Anyways, you really must check out Rock on Ruby for unique and quirky clothing and accessories. There is something for every occasion 😍

If you buy anything, you could use the code KEEPITSASSY for 10% (God I hope that’s the right code 😂)

Kat XX

HEY Bloggers x Hobbycraft Decopatch Event

For those of you not in the know, HEY Bloggers is a group of girls who are all bloggers themselves, who have developed a blogging community in the Hull and East Riding area. They support bloggers through their social media and also through events and meet ups!

When this event was advertised, I had to take part as it’s so different to anything I usually do and it’s a networking and relationship making opportunity. It also seemed like the perfect way to end my school holidays!

A group of bloggers arrived and we were assisted and welcomed by Louise and Rich from Hobbycraft Hull. A massive thank you to them both – nothing was too much trouble for them and they made us feel really welcome!

In our goody bags, there was a guide to teach us how to decopatch and we were provided with a variety of papers, gems, paints etc to create our masterpieces. We had a laugh talking about music and just putting the world to rights. It was massively relaxed and I think that’s important especially if any new bloggers came to the event.

There was something cathartic about making these lamp bases and honestly, it makes me excited to see what else Hobbycraft have to offer in terms of workshops! I chose a cute apple print that reminded me of a Cath Kidston style print! This is during the drying process so it looks better now, promise!

I think it’s fair to say we were all happy with what we created and it was definitely obvious that we have some creative minds and artists amongst us (Jenny and Emma, I’m looking at you!)

Finally, thanks to the HEY blogger girls for organising this. It’s always great when the blogging community meets and this was so different to usual events! The people who attended are all awesome, brilliant women and I’ll link their insta profiles below because, why wouldn’t you want to follow them?

Local Bloggers You Need to Follow

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Iamjennychat (Jenny B) – Click Here

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Hollie (Thrifty Mum) – Click Here

Until next time! Kat xx

Tessies Humber St Launch!

Hello 👋

Friday 12th April was the day of Tessies Launch of their new store on Humber Street. For those of you who aren’t in the know, Tessies is a indie retailer, both online at and they also have a store in Hull.

Tessies are known for their sweet and feminine clothing pieces but more so for their incredible range of accessories from bags to sunglasses and jewellery. I personally love their jewellery as it has such kitch value and totally vamps up my outfits.

Their aesthetic fits in perfectly on Humber Street but doesn’t stray away from the strong, welcoming vibes it had when the store was on Newland Ave.

The attention to detail is really carefully thought out. I almost didn’t want to touch anything tbh!

I have to be honest, the stand out parts of the store now, with the exception of the amazing products, are the fitting rooms which are filled with positive messages and quotes. We were also informed they are breastfeeding friendly and there are story books in the changing rooms for quiet time when mums bring their little ones shopping.

The cute touches such as the personalised mirrors and positivity tabs mean that you feel so good about yourself, no purchase necessary!

Finally, the stand out piece in the store are the neon lights. Everyone loves a good quote and just reading Tessies makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside!


If you’re from Yorkshire, it’s certainly worth you visiting Tessies for yourself but if not, you’re check out their awesome stock here.

Until next time!

Kat x

Remembering the Movies at Bonus Arena, Hull

Monday 25th March 2019

I was lucky enough to win tickets to this event as part of the HEY bloggers Christmas party and in all honesty, I almost forgot about it after a busy few months.

Although I’m not a strictly nut, I do like it and I’ve been a fan of the dancers for a while! I was unsure about how a show like this would work but excited to experience this high culture on my doorstep. Firstly, I have to say the seats were brilliant! We were at the back of the stalls but the stage is at such a height that you can see everything from any part of the arena. It’s very well built.

The movies covered by Alijaz and Jeanette were really varied – from Gene Kelly and Ginger Rogers all the way up to the present day with the Greatest Showman and A Star is Born.

There was one very emotional point where they played the theme from Armageddon and I just cried 😭

I was absolutely blown away with the skill of the amazing team of dancers that they worked with, the costumes and omg, the singers were absolutely superb! I’m definitely up for more nights at the Bonus arena if they book more superb talent like that!

Kat xx

Revolution Cut Crease Canvas

I’ve been a make up enthusiast for as long as I can remember but only recently began to invest time into practicing and honing my skills. Back in the noughties when I began using make up, you just shoved eyeshadow on your lids. You didn’t think about shade placement, priming and prepping but over the years many products have been developed to help your eyeshadow last longer.

I’m notoriously pants at eyeshadow and I spend a lot of time practicing how to blend shades together. I used to used concealer to prime my lid for shadow but there was never much longevity for the shades. I may have been using it incorrectly, who knows!

Recently I purchased the Revolution Cut Crease Canvas which is essentially a thick base for eyeshadow. You are supposed to use it to carve out cut creases. As I rarely do cut crease looks (I have hooded lids and I haven’t perfected the technique yet!) I use it as a base for other styles of shadow.

It’s available in a couple of shades to suit your skin tone. There is also a pure white shade called 😇 halo which is the shade I purchased. The product comes with its own applicator and I use a combination of sweeping and patting the base onto my lid.

Application is better when the product is still a little bit sticky. I usually pat the shadow in too to begin with and build up the colour gradually. What I noticed is how much brighter the shadows appear when you use the base! I wouldn’t use it when having a natural day, let’s put it that way!

I think the best feature for me is the longevity of the product and how bright it STAYS!

Revolution have 4 shades; halo, illustrate, create and etch to match to every skin tone! I would definitely recommend this product as an essential addition to your kit, especially if you’re trying to up your eye look game.

Top tip: use a concealer brush for the application not the one it comes with, which is pointless in my opinion– but see for yourself!

Kat x